Wednesday, May 29, 2013
Mother of 'Baby 59' Watched Son's Rescue From Sewer Pipes, Hid Herself for Days

Mother of 'Baby 59' Watched Son's Rescue From Sewer Pipes, Hid Herself for Days

The mother of an infant found in sewer pipes in China revealed that she didn't mean for him to go down the pipes but panicked. The single woman, whose name has not been released by the press, told police it was unintentional and that she hid her pregnancy because she could not afford an abortion.

According to reports from China, the young woman alerted authorities to the infant in the pipes and watched as firemen spent two hours rescuing the boy. She remained silent, not admitting that she was his mother because of fear. After authorities searched her room and found baby toys and blood-stained toilet paper, they asked her to submit to a medical examination.

The woman then confessed to being the infant's mother but explained that it was an accident. She reportedly told police that she became pregnant after a one night stand and neither she nor the baby's father could afford an abortion, so she kept her pregnancy hidden from everyone. She began experiencing cramps Saturday and went to the bathroom, where she delivered her son.

He slipped into the sewage pipes after she failed to catch him. She then cleaned up the mess after the birth and called police to report the infant in the pipes, which became an international story.

"Baby 59" is doing well now that he is in a local hospital; he managed to survive the ordeal with some scrapes and bruises. Hospital officials named him "Baby 59" after the incubator number he is currently in. The hospital has received numerous donations of baby clothes, diapers, and formula from people who have heard his amazing story and want to help.

The baby has also received offers of adoption, but Chinese officials have said that the infant will go into the foster care system. However, now that his mother has come forward, it may be possible that he will go to her care. She told officials that she was not sure how to raise a child on her own, which may lead to him being placed in the foster care system and her rights being terminated.


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