Mother Tries to Sell Baby For $7,000

Authorities claim a mother was attempting to sell her newborn baby for $7,000.

Kenia Quiala Bosque, 30, was arrested at her apartment on Sunday on a felony adoption violation charge, according to reports in The Miami Herald.

Undercover agents took the woman from Opa-locka, an area just north of Miami, into custody from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on Sunday.

Officials from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office claim that late Saturday, a confidential informant advised sheriff’s office that Bosque arranged to meet him in a residential neighborhood in Hialeah for selling her child.

Authorities recorded four telephone calls between Bosque and the informant.

According to reports, Bosque did not make the scheduled meeting. However, police officials said they had enough evidence to arrest and charge the woman with a felony adoption violation.

“Bosque placed [her son] in harm by attempting to sell the child, which would cause emotional trauma to the child,” according to the arrest form.

She was booked into the Miami-Dade County jail on Sunday, where she remained on a $5,000 bond on Monday.

“We are just so glad we were able to obtain this information in time to intervene before anything could happen to endanger this child,” said Monroe County Sheriff Bob Peryam.

FDLE officials said Bosque’s children are in the custody of relatives.

In related news, a California couple was sentenced for trying to sell their baby. The father, Patrick Fousek, was sentenced to six years in prison while his wife, Samantha Tomasini, was sentenced to four years’ probation and drug rehab.

Prosecutors said the parents were methamphetamine users and appeared to be under the influences of a controlled substance when they were trying to hawk their baby in a Walmart parking lot.

Witnesses reported the man offered the child for $25. Since the date of the incident, the child has been adopted.