Moto M2 Update: Device to Be Powered by Helio P20-based Chipset, come with 4 GB RAM

REUTERS/Nacho DoceMotorola logo

Moto M2 could be the newest handset to come out of Lenovo-led Motorola. The mid-range smartphone is expected to succeed last year's Moto M and is expected to be released by fall of this year.

Last year saw Motorola launch a new line of mid-range handsets meant primarily for the Chinese and Indian markets. After some success, the company is set to continue with its new line of devices for 2017.

Chief among these rumored handsets is the M2 (XT1902) which has seen its fair share of speculation from industry insiders and tech geeks alike. Images of the handset began circulating early this month and quickly aroused much curiosity.

As far as specs go, the device will be equipped with the MediaTek MT6797. The M2 served as the proving ground of the deca-core CPU, which clocked in 700 MHz and was based on the Helio P20.

The original Moto M came with a Helio P10 in China and P15 in India. With the Helio P20, the new handset certainly received quite an upgrade. The M2 will also feature 4 GB RAM; however, there is yet no word regarding storage.

There could also be a possibility that the Moto M2 will come in different variants. This is due to the Wi-Fi certification that was discovered last week.

According to the certification, the XT1902-02 features the MediaTek MT6757 chipset. This octa-core CPU is equipped with the Mali-T880 graphics processing unit and clocks in at 900 MHz.

While conventional wisdom points to two different smarphone variants, the differing specs could once again point to Motorola's focus on the two aforementioned markets. The former variant, equipped with the MediaTek MT6797, could be meant for the Chinese market while the latter version could be for the Indian market.

The Moto M2 is also expected to run on the Android 7.1.1 and is set to be released later this month.