Moto X Price Drop: Sale Offers Students Device for Just $339, New Customizations Available

The Moto X price has dropped to just $339 off-contract for students.

The smartphone normally retails for $399 without an agreement so this deal brings them $60 in savings. In order to access this price, students must visit using a valid .edu email address.

Picture: Reuters/MotorolaA picture of the Moto X Phone with the Wood backing

Motorola also announced a special "College Collection" of customizations that will be available through Moto Maker. Students will be able to apply custom school colors and logos for various schools in the U.S to their device.

This will include new colors and team names of 40 schools. The logos will be printed on clear cases from Uncommon instead of customers having to put them on the device themselves. More information about the discounted model and the college collection can be found here.

The Moto X2 release date was announced for summer 2014 by Motorola earlier this month.

The company confirmed the news during this year's Mobile World Congress during a Q&A session. They said "the next version of Moto X" will arrive sometime in "late summer." Motorola also plans to expand availability of its current smartphone lineup and the Moto Maker tool for its customers. Motorola will bring it to Europe and Mexico.

The company also plans to stick with Android as its primary OS. It also confirmed that the original Moto X will be released in India and Australia during the next few weeks.

The Moto X launched in August of last year and functions as the company's flagship handset. It features specs that failed to wow many critics, but seemed to execute well in other areas including its integration of the Android operating system, which is similar to what is found on the Nexus line. It seems to have grown in popularity thanks to that Nexus-type feel.