Moto X Price Drops to $99 for AT&T, Deal Available With Moto Maker

The Moto X smartphone price dropped down to just $99 this week through AT&T who offers the device with Moto Maker customization.

Users can now purchase the Moto X through the carrier and have the ability to fully customize its exterior. They will also get a free Motorola Skip and shipping included at no extra cost. A deal like this is only available through AT&T at this time as other carriers that offer customization have not slashed the price.

The first place to basically cut the on-contract price of the Moto X phone in half was Best Buy, which began offering the handset for $99 earlier this month.

This deal was offered  to customers picking up the handset at the retailer on contracts with carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint and is available to both new and existing customers. Amazon also offered a similar deal selling the Sprint version for just $79.99.

Motorola could be gearing up to release a cheaper version of its latest flagship as a new device called the DVX was spotted in a recent report by a Chinese leaker known as Houdabao.

The handset will feature a 4.5-inch 'non-super AMOLED' display, dual-SIM card slot and easily removable colored covers. It will be powered by the same X8 computing system found in the Moto X which means it will most likely come with a dual-core Snapdragon CPU, a quad-core GPU and two low power processors for contextual features and natural language processing.

The device will also cost in between $195-$245 off contract, which means it could be free through various carriers.

The cheaper model could help the Moto X branding appeal to a more low-cost model customer.