Moto X Price Drops to Just $99 at Best Buy

The Moto X price has dropped down to just $99 at Best Buy when the phone is purchased with a new contract.

This new price applies to customers picking up the handset at the retailer on contracts with carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and Sprint and is available to both new and existing customers. This is about half of what the price would be if customers were to buy it directly through a carrier.

Amazon is offering a similar deal for the Sprint version of the Moto X for just $79.99.

The Android 4.3 JellyBean update for the Moto X smartphone leaked towards the end of last month.

The build was deemed incomplete by various tech outlets and is currently available for download in the XDA Developers Forum. Installing this software on the Moto X will be dangerous to those who are unfamiliar with these types of unofficial upgrades. It can also lead to the voiding of the owner's warrantee.

The Moto X currently runs Android 4.2.2, JellyBean. AT&T rolled out another software update last week that gives owners improvements on their camera and quality of images. It does not bring the smartphone up to another build of Android, but still provides the user with enough to keep them satisfied until the next big roll out.

Other improvements include and enhanced camera auto-white balance performance and color accuracy, improved exposure when taking photos outside or backlit, improved clarity in low light, faster touch-to-focus time and reduced unnecessary refocusing in low light or scenes with continuous motion.

The software also brings faster response and improved accuracy when using Touchless Control along with an easier set up and training of the "Ok Google Now" trigger. Enhanced transfer of content from older phone to a new one will be made easier with a new Motorola Migrate feature.