Moto X Tablet Coming Soon, Device Confirmed by Company's CEO

The Moto X tablet should be released sometime soon as the company's CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed its existence earlier this week.

Motorola and one of its manufacturing partners Flextronics recently opened a production facility in Fort Worth, Texas where 100,000 Moto X phone units are being assembled each week.

Woodside recently spoke to Engadget regarding Motorola's future plans. He confirmed that there will be updates for the Moto X phone and that they are also working on releasing a new tablet. However, he said "there's nothing specific to talk about right now."

The last tablet Motorola released was the Xyboard towards the end of 2011. This device failed to take off in retail and also did not fare well with critics.

Motorola could take a similar approach to the new tablet that it did with its latest smartphone and make it fully customizable through the official Moto Maker website.

The Motorola X phone price is expected to drop to $99 with a new two-year contract starting sometime during the fourth quarter of this year.

The wood grain backs will also launch around that same time and will cost about $50. Those interested in purchasing a Moto X should wait just a bit longer as the last quarter of the year begins at the end of this month.

This information was reported on by @evleaks.

"Moto X price drop to $100 coming in Q4, along with wooden back configurations (for $50)," tweeted the company over the weekend.

Carriers such as AT&T are now offering the highly anticipated device for $199 with a new two-year contract. Customers will also have access to the customizable version of the Moto X exclusively through AT&T. However, the Moto Maker app used for this purpose is not live at this time.