Moto X Tablet Coming to Verizon Soon

Verizon could be launching a Droid or Moto X tablet sometime in the near future.

The carrier's DroidLanding Twitter account announced a new contest that featured a 4-minute teaser video that asked contestants to finish the story in order to win different prizes. The teaser followed a man attempting to deliver an important package which looked a lot like a tablet case.

This hints at Verizon possibly unveiling a new Droid tablet sometime in the near future. And with Motorola at the helm of it, the device could end up being branded similarly to the Moto X smartphone.

This Moto X tablet's existence was all but confirmed by CEO Dennis Woodside earlier this month.

Motorola and one of its manufacturing partners Flextronics recently opened a production facility in Fort Worth, Texas where 100,000 Moto X phone units are being assembled each week.

Woodside recently spoke to Engadget regarding Motorola's future plans. He confirmed that there will be updates for the Moto X phone and that they are also working on releasing a new tablet. However, he said "there's nothing specific to talk about right now."

The last tablet Motorola released was the Xyboard towards the end of 2011. This device failed to take off in retail and also did not fare well with critics.

Motorola could take a similar approach to the new tablet that it did with its latest smartphone and make it fully customizable through the official Moto Maker website.

The Moto X phone has been a moderately successful device for the company thus far. Releasing a tablet with the same branding could be a good move for Motorola, who struggled to effectively break into the tablet market just a few years back.