Moto X Wood Back Customizations Now Available in Three New Types

Those purchasing a Moto X will be able to pick up the device with the choice of three new wood-based customizations.

The smartphone will now come in teak, ebony and walnut as the three options are currently available for just $25. Versions of the device with any of these customizations can also be purchased for $75 on-contract.

The Moto X wood or bamboo back price is also dropped. Instead of the normal $100 launch cost, the Moto Maker special will now only run customers $25. Motorola announced the news on its blog earlier this week. Motorola will be handing a $75 credit to those customers who paid $100 for the bamboo backing. However, this reimbursement only applies to accessory orders.

Those interested in picking up a Moto X can do so on-contract for free through AT&T.

The carrier is offering this promotion for a limited time and in order to access the deal, customers must sign on for a two-year agreement with the carrier. This is a great bargain for customers who do not mind being locked into a contract.

The offer is only available online and will expire on Jan. 31 so those who are interested should act fast. The Moto X phone launched in the middle of last year and functions as Motorola's latest flagship handset. Its Moto Maker customization options have made it into somewhat of a unique device.

The device features a 4.7-inch screen with a curved back, a 10-megapixel camera, the option of a white or black body, 16GB or internal memory, and no microSD card slot. Google offers up to 50GB of free Google Drive storage to Moto X owners for the next two years. The device does not run the latest version of Android out of the box, but can be updated to it through and OTA.