Motorola X Phone Price to Drop $99 in Q4, Wood Grain Backs Set to Launch Soon

The Motorola X phone price will drop to $99 with a new two-year contract starting sometime during the fourth quarter of this year.

The wood grain backs will also launch around that same time and will cost about $50. Those interested in purchasing a Moto X should wait just a bit longer as the last quarter of the year begins at the end of this month.

This information was reported on by @evleaks.

"Moto X price drop to $100 coming in Q4, along with wooden back configurations (for $50)," tweeted the company over the weekend.

Carriers such as AT&T are now offering the highly anticipated device for $199 with a new two-year contract. Customers will also have access to the customizable version of the Moto X exclusively through AT&T. However, the Moto Maker app used for this purpose is not live at this time.

Those who purchase the handset from brick-and-mortar stores will receive a coupon that they could take home and register online to customize their device with Moto Maker. Online buyers will be redirected to the company's web app.

The device is available in both black and white through the carrier.

The Moto X phone engraving customization feature was not available at launch.

The company had originally planned to offer the option on Aug. 23, however, technical problems have lead Motorola to delaying it. Reports from Computer World's JR Raphael and The Verge confirmed that the quality of the engravings wasn't satisfactory and the company decided to temporarily pull the plug on the feature.

Motorola hopes to resolve the issues with it and re-introduce it sometime in the future.