Motorola X Phone Release Date Approaching as Device is Spotted in FCC Filings

The Motorola X Phone release date could be quickly approaching as the smartphone was spotted in FCC filings.

The sighting was reported by, who stated that it discovered a device codenamed the Motorola XT1058. These FCC filings point to a Google I/O release for the highly anticipated device.

The Motorola X Phone is expected to become available on all major U.S. Carriers in July, according to a previous report.

Various websites such as Tinhte and @Evleaks have leaked specifications and pictures of the smartphone and 9to5 Google has confirmed some of these rumors to be accurate. 9to5 Google even had a picture of the X Phone posted up on the site that it was asked to take down.

The site's source also stated that there will be an LTE version that will be released on all four major U.S. carriers, and that it will come in over 25 different color options.

The bottom bezel will be remarkably small, judging from a drawing of the device leaked by The display was originally estimated to be 4.7-inches, but the new report points to a slightly smaller 4.3-inch screen. The phone also appears to be a successor to the Droid Razr or Razr M with small bezels and extremely long battery life. The build of Android that will run on the device is not clear at this moment.

9to5 Google tried to make sense out of the 25-plus color options.

"Here's what we're thinking: Motorola is going to offer protective plates/skins in 25 colors from the point of ordering. 80-90% of people buy protection for phones so perhaps Motorola is owning this aspect of the device from the order and can provide an almost indestructible, perhaps water resistant customization," they speculated.