Motorola X Phone Release Date Set for August

The Motorola X Phone release date could be set for August.

Tech guru Leo Laporte made an appearance in Twit's "This Week in Google" program and hinted at the possibility of the device launching around that time.

Laporte attended Motorola's recent media event where the new device was believed to have made an appearance.

While speaking with the show's Trapani, he told her that she could safely return her HTC One Google Play edition she recently purchased in order to buy the Moto X. Laporte was under the impression she had 30 days to do so, which pointed to the Motorola device being available before that amount of time was up.

She eventually informed him that she only has 15 days to return the device which he said could be problematic as she might be left without a phone for a bit.

Laporte touches on some aspects of the Moto X in the program stating that from certain points of view, the HTC One may have certain features that can't be found on the Motorola device. He did not confirm any official release dates for the smartphone.

He refers to Rick Osterloh as the "mystery guy holding a mystery device" during the video. Laporte also did not confirm if Osterloh was holding the actual Moto X smartphone in the video. However, by watching the video, it can be seen that the device in his hand matches up to some of the recent leaks for the Moto X.

Motorola originally claimed that the device would not appear in the video, but it ended up rearing its head despite some of the company's earlier statements.

The Moto X phone is rumored to be launching with some high-end specifications and could be the device where Google will debut Android 4.3, JellyBean which has also been appearing in leaks and benchmarks.

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