Motorola X Phone Release Date to Follow August 1 Announcement

The Motorola X Phone release date should take place shortly after the company's announcement event scheduled for Aug. 1.

The device will is expected to ship to retailers today, according to Taylor Wimberly.

"Just got some crazy info. Unverified source tells me Moto X ships to US carriers on 7/29 (tomorrow)! If this is true then it might go on sale this week after the big reveal. Trying to verify info with some other sources," he wrote on his Google+ page.

There have been rumors of Moto X launch dates for carriers such as Verizon and U.S. Cellular, however, they have been far and few.

Other rumors point to the Moto X Phone featuring magic glass and dual LTE antennas.

These new features were mentioned in a report by former Android and Me owner Taylor Wimberly who also claims that the device will launch alongside the xWATCH/Google Smartwatch.

The first of these three features to be mentioned involves a slab of Gorilla Glass being molded onto a polymer which results in a gap-free surface that wraps on the sides of the phone. Magic Glass will eliminate the gap between the glass-polymer ensemble and the back.

The dual-LTE antennas will allow the Moto X to come with both a standalone dual-LTE MIMO antenna along with a separate antenna for 2G/3G. Most devices on the market feature one antenna for both standards.

The Moto X is also expected to be released at the same time as this Motorola smartwatch known as the xWATCH. However, none of this information on the smartphone or watch has been confirmed by Google at this time.

Images showing the camera interface for the Motorola X Phone surfaced earlier this week.

Judging from the pictures, it can be seen that the software is pretty minimal and relies on gestures more than software buttons. The gallery could be accessed by a right swipe. This is different from the current version that makes the Android camera settings menu show up anywhere on the screen a user touches when the camera is open.

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