Motorola X Phone to Be Backed by $500 Million of Marketing

The Motorola X Phone could be launched with a $500 million marketing campaign.

Dennis Woodside, the CEO of Motorola, recently statrf that the company will get to spend "several hundred million dollars- and possibly upward of $500 million" to market the upcoming flagship smartphone.

The money will be used to promote the device in the U.S. and European market, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal. Motorola's decision to put this much capital behind the product has influenced many of the major U.S. carriers to offer the smartphone. Some of these companies have already convinced Motorola not to fill the device up with unnecessary bloatware.

Customers will also be able to select the color of the Moto X casing and pick text to be engraved on the device. Apple and Samsung reportedly spend slightly less money marketing their flagship devices last year with $333 million for the iPhone and $401 million for the Galaxy.

The Motorola X Phone will not make an appearance at the company's July 11 event.

Motorola recently denied that the new Android device will make its debut on that date. The company is expected to announce three other Android handsets, according to Android Authority.

The Motorola X Phone will deliver a "pure" Android experience to owners of the device.

However, it will not be branded as a Nexus device, according to Android and Me's Taylor Wimberly. Google wants to keep the Nexus brand separate from Motorola in order to not appear to be playing favorites to the other OEMs.

This will make the smartphone receive software updates around the same time that Nexus devices do.

Wimberly also reported on his Twitter account that the Moto X phone will feature a Clear Pixel Camera with gesture controls. This could be a term used for the device's camera to market it against HTC's UltraPixel. Wimberly mentioned that Motorola hopes to make dark blurry pictures a thing of the past with the camera. No other information has been released on the component at this time.