Multi-Talented Artist Dunja: More Than Inspiration, Faith

Many call her a “woman of inspiraton” but she answers to the name Dunja. Dunja Vukosavovic (pronouced Dun-ya) is a pianist, composer, and singer/songer writer who grew up in the former Yugoslavia – and lived through the difficult years of the Balkan War of the 1990’s. Despite the turmoil that surrounded her childhood, she was a blossoming musician. Her bright light in a sea of darkness clearly emanates in her song, “Through the Flames”.

The song expresses the relentless desire to push forward and undying optimism. Written after returning from a bomb shelter, the song presents more than just a sanguine disposition, but unwavering faith.

“If somebody asked me would you change your life and your experience, I would say no I wouldn’t change it. That means...I feel like [I was purposely] born exactly when God wanted me to be born...”

Dunja’s gifting in music gave her much acclaim in her community, as they regarded her as a child prodigy. Music would often be her safe getaway, but her peace and resolve to go on she attributes to the constant presence of Christ in her life.

“I think there is something about the presence of Christ you can’t counterfeit... No one can counterfeit His presence, and when you know in your heart, you just know He is there.”

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