Monday, April 02, 2012
Multiple Fatalities Reported in Shooting at Calif. Christian University (VIDEO)

Multiple Fatalities Reported in Shooting at Calif. Christian University (VIDEO)

Police in Oakland, Calif., have detained a suspect believed to be responsible for a shooting rampage at a Christian university in which multiple fatalities were reported.  


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According to the San Francisco Chronicle, one gunman, suspected to be connected to the university opened fire at Oikos University, located at 7850 Edgewater Road, around 10:40 a.m. Monday.

Although there is no official count to those wounded or killed in Monday morning's shooting, CNN reports that an Oakland police spokeswoman has said the shooting has caused "multiple fatalities." The news network also reported that there was a call for at least five ambulances after the shooting occured. 

Police officers walk on Edgewater Drive after a shooting at Oikos University in Oakland, California April 2, 2012. | (Photo: REUTERS/Stephen Lam)

A report from CBS News cites policewoman Johnna Watson as confirming that there were fatalities.

The suspect is described by witnesses as a middle aged Korean man with a heavy build wearing khaki clothing. CNN reported at 4:00 p.m. EST that the suspected gunman had been detained. 

According to CNN, one police official provided conflicting messages Monday afternoon, saying that the surrounding area had been secured but that the university's building had not.

The Oikos University's official website was not accessible as of Monday afternoon, but according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the university specializes in religious studies, music and vocational nursing with an emphasis on Korean students.

"Oikos University has a very specific goal and mission to offer education programs in the area of religious studies, music, and vocational nursing in that we motivate, educate and equip students in such a way that they will be able to live enriched life by fulfilling their goals in life and serve the community with their learned professions and skills," the website reads, as reported by the Los Angeles Times Monday.


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