Murder Victim Eve Carson Asked Killer to 'Pray'

While the trial for the murder of college student Eve Carson is coming to an end, a new eyewitness account says that the woman asked her alleged killer to pray with her.

The witness Jayson McNeil, who is a friend of Laurence Alvin Lovette Jr., took the stand against the alleged killer. He revealed that some of the final words of the University of North Carolina student were – "Let's pray."

In a phone conversation with Lovette, he recalls the dialogue, "Before (Lovette) even shot her, she was saying, 'Let's pray,'" McNeil said, according to WRAL, a local radio station. "She wanted them to pray together."

According to the prosecution, Lovette and the other accused killer Demario Atwater kidnapped Carson in March 2008.

It was then that they drove the woman to different ATM's to withdraw $1,400 before they shot her five times including a fatal gunshot wound to the head.

The student body president was found dead in the middle of the street in Chapel Hill shortly after the murder reported ABC.

CBS news said Lovette was also accused of killing Duke University student, Abhijit Mahato, whose body was found in his apartment.

The judge of the case, Allen Baddour, said evidence from Atwater's case can be used in the Carson murder trial, according to the Sun.

Atwater has pleaded guilty, and is now serving two life sentences.

He released a statement directly to the Carson family upon being incarcerated, "I'm sorry for everything that's happened...No matter what the court did today, it would be far from anything I should receive."

Carson, 22, was a standout student who was a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and was also the UNC Student Body President from 2007-2008 and served on the UNC Board of Trustees.

She won several scholastic awards including: Morehead-Cain Scholarship, North Carolina Fellow, and General Alumni Association of UNC's 2009 Distinguished Young Alumni Award.