Muslim Brotherhood Mufti's Remarks Reflect 'Lack of Religious Knowledge'

Dr. Mohamed Nabil Gamie, an intellectual and professor at Alexandria University, said the recent statements made by the Muslim Brotherhood's Mufti prohibiting the congratulations of Copts during their holiday reflect a lack of religious knowledge.

"As a citizen and a Muslim, I believe that statement has no value, but unfortunately the Brotherhood does not listen to words of science and logic," Gamie told Mideast Christian News.

Gamie stressed the necessity of congratulating Copts on their festivals and stated that no one should ask about the religion of other citizens because there is not in a religious war ongoing and it is not the age of religious conquests.

Gamie added that citizens should deal with one another morally and religiously on a humanitarian basis because patriotism is the best way to deal with the homeland.

"Citizenship is the real application of good morals which are taught by all heavenly religions," Gamie pointed out. "Who gave the Muslim Brotherhood the right to issue fatwas to listen to them?"

"No mufti [of Egypt] came from this group and even Hassan el-Banna himself, the founder of the group, was not a mufti but an administrator of the group's affairs," he added.