Muslim Brotherhood Not Qualified to Run Egypt, Says Former Member

Hossam Abdel Moniem, a former leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, said that the leaders of the Egypt's ruling group are not qualified to rule the country, given that the members were once prevented from taking any executive position during the era of the Hosni Mubarak regime.

Moniem said that the Muslim Brotherhood is based on the principle of hearing and obedience, and such a principle cannot produce creators, intellectuals or administrative people for the state.

During an interview with ONA TV, Moniem noted the vast differences between leading a group and running a country- a difference, he added, which is not helped by the current confusion of religion and politics. This has had negative repercussions on religion due to their mismanagement, he said.

Moniem said that he decided to leave the group after 19 years as a member when he realized the Brotherhood performed the role of the "opposition" during the former regime.

He added that he told the minister of education, during his visit to his school in Beni Suef, that the education system had witnessed notable deterioration due to the Brotherhood's undermining of the students' abilities.

Moniem was surprised when he was later transferred from the school without any investigations, and the head of the Teachers' Syndicate accused him of bad ethics. He was described as a corrupt element that the syndicate should eradicate. This accusation came despite the absence of any complaints against him from the students, their parents or the teachers of the school.

He noted that he submitted a complaint against the syndicate head expressing his confidence that the judiciary would achieve justice.

The Muslim Brotherhood uses mosques and Friday's sermon to push people to vote for them in the elections, he added. Moniem said he expressed his objection to this approach during a sermon in a Beni Suef mosque after the imam called on the people to vote for the Brotherhood and described them as "more just."

"The brotherhood are liars and traitors of religion," he concluded.