Muslim's Letter to Santa: Fourth Grader's Cute Letter Goes Viral (PHOTO)

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A fourth grade Muslim student penned this letter to Santa.

A Muslim child's letter to Santa has gone viral after the fourth grade student penned the letter for a school assignment.

The letter by the fourth grader was polite and courteous and starts off with an apology to Santa Claus for not writing to him before, with the student explaining he or she doesn't "celebrate Christmas."

The note to Santa then goes on to explain that despite not taking part in the Christmas celebrations the student was thankful to Santa for "giving everyone presents."

An image of the letter was captured and posted on Reddit, and soon thousands were sending the note to one another, complimenting the fourth grader on a beautiful and gracious letter.

Many have praised the school kid for not showing any signs of being jealous that others were given presents by Santa at this time of year. Rather the fourth grader thanked Santa for "spreading happiness around the earth!"

The child did have one question, however, and asked, "Is it true you go all around the world in one night?"

The student added, "If you do can you tell me how you did it?"

Before signing off the young child was sure to also pass his regards on to Mrs. Claus.

The Muslim fourth grade student's letter in full is written below:

"Dear Santa,

I know that I never wrote you a letter because I don't celebrate Christmas but I am writing you this one to thank you for giving everyone presents.

"I want to ask you one thing. Is it true you go all around the world in one night? If you do can you tell me how you did it?

"Santa thank you for spreading happiness around the earth! And say hi to Mrs. Claus for me.