Mutilated Dog Recovers: Front Legs Cut Off By Drug Traffickers

A dog that was reportedly mutilated by drug traffickers in Mexico is recovering after its horrific ordeal. The dog has been relocated to a sanctuary for abused and abandoned dogs and is receiving treatment at the facility to aid recover, according to The Associated Press.

Following the horrific ordeal, the Belgian shepherd mix, nicknamed 'Pay de Limon' or 'Lemon Pie,' was fitted with prosthetic front legs last year to help its recovery, and it has now been reported that the dog can walk, run and jump - an amazing achievement considering what the dog went through.

During the horrific abuse, the dog was left to die in a trash can after its two front legs were brutally cut off by drug traffickers.

After being found the dog was taken to Milagros Caninos sanctuary, where sanctuary owner Patricia Ruiz was asked to help the dog. It was alleged that drug traffickers had practiced on the dog for human mutilation - a punishment handed out by drug traffickers against those who opposed or crossed them.

The Milagros Caninos sanctuary is located in the southern part of Mexico city and houses 128 abused dogs. The dog is continuing to make its recovery.