'My Hero Academia: One's Justice' News: Producer Explains Subtitle's Meaning

(Photo: YouTube/Bandai Namco Entertainment)A screenshot from the "My Hero Academia: One's Justice" trailer.

"My Hero Academia: One's Justice" producer Aoba Miyazaki has revealed how the upcoming game based on the hit anime got its name.

In a developer interview, Miyazaki explained that in the game, justice takes many forms based on the characters and how they perceive things.

Through this name, we wanted to express the fact that each and every character that appear in "My Hero Academia," have their own hopes, beliefs, and justice, and we hope to express this concept through the battle and gameplay as well.

Miyazaki says that this is the root of the conflict and action in the story, which is why he believes that every hero and villain in the series is relatable to fans to a degree.

While "My Hero Academia" follows the concept of Jump titles of Friendship, Effort and Victory, it has a lot of differences too. The clash between Heroes and Villains occur, only because they have their own beliefs and goals. I believe that's what makes the fights so tense and appealing. I also believe that the appeal of the title comes from the fact that viewers can empathize with not only Izuku, but many other characters as well.

Speaking of Izuku, Miyazaki also discussed the gameplay in "My Hero Academia: One's Justice," revealing that the hero is a short-range power type, true to his iterations in the manga and anime.

He did not elaborate on Shigaraki's fighting style though, simply encouraging fans to keep their eyes peeled for new information. Since Izuku's is heavily inspired from the source material, it is likely his nemesis will get the same treatment.

We hope users will be able to experience exhilarating battles using his super human abilities.

"My Hero Academia: One's Justice" is set for release next year in Japan on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The rest of the world can get it in additional two versions — the Xbox One and PC.

Miyazaki admits that it is quite the challenge to work on all four platforms, but they are willing to do the hard work in order to bring "My Hero Academia: One's Justice" to as many fans as possible.