N.J. Ocean Roller Coaster to Be Removed Before Memorial Day

Workers will begin removing parts of the Jersey Shore roller coaster Tuesday night. The destroyed attraction became one of the most prolific images of Hurricane Sandy's destructiv power.

Superstorm Sandy devastated most of the New Jersey Shore. But as summer time approaches, the time for rebuilding has come. Workers will begin deconstructing a roller coaster that was submerged by the ocean on Oct. 29 when the hurricane hit at Seaside Heights.

The JetStar roller coaster sitting in the middle of the Atlantic has become one of the most memorable images captured after Hurricane Sandy hit. Deconstruction of the coaster will take about four days, according to The Washington Post. Workers will work around the clock to pull the coaster down, according to Casino Pier officials.

Officials are hoping to have the roller coaster out of the water by Memorial Weekend, a popular family travel day that is just a couple of weeks away. At least 40,000 square feet of the 630-foot-long pier has been destroyed according to NJ.com, and another 52,000 square feet is badly damaged.

The construction work will begin just after Prince Harry makes his visit to the once popular vacation spot. The Prince will tour two Jersey Shore communities on Tuesday, visiting houses that have been destroyed and walking the remains of the boardwalk.

For a community that has been through considerable suffering, a number of Jersey residents described the Prince's visit as a welcome excitement.

"He is so cute. He came in with that white shirt and red hair, and he just exceeded all my expectations," Brianna Marchal, 19, of Manahawkin, told the Associated Press. "The crowd literally grew three inches when he came by because everyone was on their tip toes, trying to get a picture. We had four devices going at the same time, trying to get pictures of him."