Nadya Suleman Drinking and Driving With Kids? Father Raises Concerns

Nadya Suleman's recent antics have raised concern with her father, who fears that she had been driving with her children while under the influence.

A recent report has suggested that Suleman's father has raised concerns over whether or not the "Octomom" should be driving. His concern was vocalized in a recent voicemail that was obtained by Radar Online.

The call was made to a woman named Gina B. who, in the past, had been put in charge of taking care of Suleman's eight youngest children.

"Gina, this is me, Ed. I'm worried about Nadya. She's not answering the phone. And I really worry about her," he says on the voicemail obtained by Radar. "Sometimes she starts drinking vodka, whatever, so maybe she should not be driving."

He goes on to voice his concerns for the children, adding that Suleman might attempt to drive with them while she is intoxicated.

"I could pick up the kids tomorrow, I mean the big kids. I don't know what to say. I have no idea what to say," he adds. "She cannot drive the kids and drive herself and drive back here."

Gina also revealed to Radar that Suleman allegedly was in the habit of putting liquor in water bottles when she began drinking.

"Her drink of choice is cheap vodka and diet cranberry juice," Gina revealed. "When I had the babies I could tell by her voicemails and text messages she was drinking. She would repeat entire conversations we had the next day because she forgot she had already told me."

Suleman appeared to be heading in the right direction, despite her career choices. She recently showed off her new home, after filing bankruptcy almost a year ago. But a second report has revealed that Suleman recently checked in to rehab for drug use.