NAE to Host 49th Annual Christian Student Leadership Conference in Capitol Hill

Each January, the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) provides an opportunity for students from colleges all over the United States to gather in Washington, DC. to meet national leaders and to experience the federal government in action. In 2005, the NAE will again host its Annual Christian Student Leadership Conference on Jan 24-28 in the nation’s capital.

The conference is designed for students to build leadership capabilities and character qualities to become future potential leaders. Students will learn how to integrate public concerns with biblical values. Subsequently, they will develop skills to influence government and election politics.

The conference will also provide a unique opportunity for students to build a network of contacts through which career positions might be obtained.

The Christian Student Leadership Conference’s programs include 3 parts. Briefing section offers students Washington insiders’ perspectives on international and domestic issues. Meanwhile, the observation section provides tour trips taking students to Capitol Hill, the White House, Supreme Court, and State Department. Finally, the Interaction section allows guest speakers to deliver speeches regarding biblical stances on political issues after which students can ask questions and raise concerns.

Guest speakers in the past includes U.S president Richard M. Nixon, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Supreme Court Justices William Rehnquist, Senator Joseph Lieberman, Senator Sam Brownback, Sandra Day O’Connor and more.

The National Association of Evangelicals was founded in 1942 to provide a means of “cooperation without compromise” among Evangelical Christians, written on NAE’s website.

At present time, the NAE stands for more than 45,000 churches from over 50 denominations. The organization has become the focus of evangelical liaison with the federal government.

For registration and more information regarding the conference, please visit or call Jennifer Haglof at 202-789-1011.