Naked Man by Orlando Bloom's House, Drugs Encouraging Zombie Apocalypse?

A naked man was arrested in the outside area of Orlando Bloom's home on Monday, reminding some of a much-feared zombie apocalypse.

The man was completely unclothed and ran the streets of a popular celebrity neighborhood in Hollywood Monday before announcing that he was high on drugs. Police arrived to find the man lying face forward in the middle of the street. When police approached him, the man dove headfirst into a bundle of bushes, according to Daily Mail.

"Officers put on black gloves before pulling him out and tackling him to the floor," Mail Online reported. "The man, who has not been identified, was handcuffed with his hands behind his back and driven away."

It remains unclear who called the police and what charges the unidentified man faces. Over the incident looms a continued darkness over what some fear will be a zombie apocalypse induced by drugs.

"It sounds very much as if this man had ended up taking the same or a similar drug to the one that made that guy go berserk on the motorway and tear another guy's face off with his teeth," Sar wrote on the Daily Mail blog. "This particular drug seems to cause the body temperature to rise so high that they are desperate - and I wonder if the guy realised what was happening and although half-crazed by the drug, warned the police that that was what had happened to him."

The case of Rudy Eugene, who ate off the face of Ronald Poppo before being shot to death, began in a similar manner, with Eugene stripping off all of his clothes. Eugene then went on to strip off the clothes of Poppo after kicking and beating him.

"What is wrong with the mentality of people nowadays, drugs do crazy things to your mind and can kill you, so why do so many idiots believe that would not happen to them," Scully asked.