Nancy Grace Visits Jodi Arias' Prison: 'Better Than She Deserves'

Nancy Grace has been an outspoken voice throughout the Jodi Arias trial; she has made no attempt to disguise her disdain for Arias. Now she has visited the prison where Arias has been housed for the past four years and given her opinion about the situation.

"The jail is too good for Jodi. I have spoken with jail personnel and inmates who look up to Jodi Arias! She has become a celebrity behind bars!" Grace told Radar Online.

"I tasted the peanut butter and it's not bad at all," Grace added. "Travis wishes he could have a peanut butter sandwich. She can watch TV, study Spanish, play cards, take classes, and is allowed to go outside."

Arias has been jailed since 2008, when she was arrested for the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. Arias confessed to shooting him in the head, but has said she doesn't remember stabbing him 29 times or slitting his throat from ear to ear.

While it's well known that Arias told multiple stories to the police about her participation in the murder, Grace alleged that Arias also told her fellow inmates various versions of her actions that day. Even though the prosecution has shown video evidence of her various stories, Grace recommends putting one of Arias' inmates on the stand as well.

"There is a risk of putting an inmate on the stand that could be far greater than the reward, but sometimes you gotta go to hell to get a witness to put the devil behind bars," Grace said.

Grace has maintained that she thinks Arias will receive the death penalty and choose the "needle, where she will just drift off to sleep like she's getting a facial or a massage."

"I am incensed at the way they're portraying Travis," Grace said. "These crime scene photos make me nauseous and I have seen all sorts of crime in my time. They are some of the worst I have ever seen, and I can see from the photos that this was not self-defense. This murder cannot be justified as self-defense," Grace previously told Radar Online.