Nantucket Shark Video Goes Viral: Man Catching Shark With Bare Hands (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A Nantucket man has spent nearly an hour catching a shark, completing his amazing feat by wrestling the shark to shore with his bare hands. Video footage of the shark hunter has since gone viral.

The Massachusetts man has since claimed that he has previously caught more than 100 sharks, many times using his bare hands to help drag the sharks to land.

(Photo: Facebook)A Nantucket man wrestles a shark.

The shark hunter is 24 year old Elliot Sudal from Nantucket. He has described that he was fishing at the weekend with his cousins when he reeled in a bluefish that had been bitten in half.

He told CNN: "I get back half a bluefish. It's got the stereotypical shark bite out of it."

He described that he threw the half fish back into the sea, hoping that the remains of the large fish would attract back the shark.

Later when he spotted the sandbar shark, he quickly leapt into the water, handing his fishing rod to his cousin, before grabbing hold of the shark from behind and dragging it onto the beach.

"That particular shark took about 45 minutes to get in," he said. "It was probably 7 feet long and 200 pounds."

He reported that he took some photos with the shark on the beach, before releasing it back out to sea.

He said, "I always let them go. I'm not trying to hurt the sharks."

The man then went on to claim to reporters that he has caught more than 100 sharks over the past eight months, each time using his bare hands to grab the unsuspecting sharks from behind and drag them onto shore.

He said that most of the catches have been made in Florida, although last weekend was the first time that he had wrestled a shark into the beach in Nantucket.

Here is a video showing the footage of the man wrestling the shark with his bare hands: