Naomi Campbell's Shocking Bald Patches Caused by Constant Extensions

Naomi Campbell and her shocking bald patches were revealed recently when the supermodel was photographed on a yacht. Her weave shown in the photo shows extensive hair damage, and some wonder if it may be too bad to fix.

Naomi Campbell's shocking bald patches most likely stem from the constant use of hair extensions, weaves, and other means many women utilize to add length and volume to their hair. While she is normally photographed with a full head of hair, this time, the front half of her scalp was revealed, showing patches of sparse hair.

"It's hideous, what did she do? It looks really bad!" Kazumi Morton, a hair stylist from the renowned Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills, told "I have been doing hair extensions for years but I have never had a problem like this."

Morton explained that the bald patches may not be the 42-year-old's fault entirely. He isn't Campbell's hairstylist, but whoever was doing the model's hair could have been botching the procedure for a long time, possibly leading to irreversible damage.

"I think whoever put the extensions in they put them way too close," he said. "Around the hairline and the neck, the hairs are very delicate and fragile and you need to avoid attaching extensions in that area. They are way too close to the scalp as well, they need to be at least a half inch away."

Campbell shares some of the blame, however. Using extensions and weave too often without a break can result in the bald patches as well.

"Hair needs rest, at least every three months or so, so she is doing it too much," Morton explained.

Despite her hair being pushed back to the middle of her scalp, Campbell still seemed to be enjoying herself, apparently oblivious to the problem. She was photographed wet while having fun in the sun.

Apparently, you don't have to have hair to still be adored, and Campbell has been seen with her billionaire Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin. Last month the were spotted enjoying Taormina, Italy, shopping and sightseeing. Before that it was snorkeling in Hawaii, and before that it was yachting in Saint Tropez.