Nas and Frank Ocean's 'No Such Thing as White Jesus' Song Reemerges

News of a collaboration between Def Jam label mates Nas and Frank Ocean broke over the summer, but "Watch The Throne" producer Chauncey "Hit-Boy" Hollis admitted that he lost the recordings much to the chagrin of the pair's individual fans. However, the producer recently revealed that he has found the track titled "No Such Thing as White Jesus".

"It's a miracle. @RickyAnderson found the infamous blue drive with the vocals from the Nas/Frank Ocean pro tools session and many more hits," the 25-year-old producer told over 130,000 fans on Twitter. "That drive had been missing for 7 months. The drive was packed up with Kanye equipment from some sessions I had with him in April. Thank you God! #Nosuchthingaswhitejesus."

The news comes close to four months after Hollis announced that he had misplaced the track with Nas and Frank Ocean that was supposed to be on the rapper's summer studio album release ,"Life is Good."

"Yeah I (expletive) up and lost the drive while traveling," Hit-Boy tweeted one week before the "Life is Good" album release. "That's why I'm not on 'Life is Good'. Smh."

Ocean opened up about the collaboration by sharing some of the lyrics he sang on the record.

"Whatever you do, young king, don't wind up dead/ Young queen, cross your legs/ Put a crown on your head and remove the chains/ 'Cause even diamond chains are for slaves/ Don't set foot in no penitentiary and don't taste the poison/ Don't you bail on your families," Ocean sang for the veteran New York Times music journalist Jon Caramanica while promoting his album last summer.

After Hit-Boy lost the record, Ocean said he couldn't recreate the song from scratch due to the album deadlines that the rapper had to abide by for a July 17 release. When fans heard that the track was recovered, some took to Twitter to rejoice.

One rejoiced on Twitter by writing, "@Hit_Boy @rickyanderson omg praise God" in response to Hollis' posting.

Another person reflected the sentiments of many who expressed their anticipation for the track saying, "Nas and Frank Ocean? I gotta hear this."