'Nashville' Season 5: Maddie Forced to Make Public Statement Following Media Frenzy

'Nashville' airs Thursdays on CMT.

The upcoming episode of "Nashville" season 5 will see Maddie's (Lennon Stella) actions from the previous airing becoming widespread news.

The synopsis of the next episode, which is titled "A Change Would Do You Good," revealed that Maddie will have to face the consequences of her outburst when the video of her confronting a police officer becomes viral. Elsewhere, Deacon (Charles Esten) and Avery (Jonathan Jackson) became enamored with Hallie's (Rhiannon Giddens) special sound. Finally, Zach (Cameron Scoggins) continued to force his will upon Highway 65.

A teaser trailer for the new episode has also been released. It opened with a number of reporters gathered outside the Jaymes' residence to report on the video of Maddie going around. News stations have dubbed her throwing a fit as "a desperate plea for attention from a teenager who lost her mother." The video has also spread online, even getting the GIF treatment courtesy of Liv (Odessa Adlon). All the online hate soon gets to Maddie, as she can be seen crying. In order to fix the situation, Maddie was advised to make a public statement but it looks like she will not be able to open to it. And even though Deacon encouraged her to do it, Maddie contested that she will not agree to it "if it means having to lie."

The previous episode saw Maddie's happiness over hearing her song on the radio for the first time come to a screeching halt. She went on a car ride with Clay (Joseph David-Jones), but the police ended up pulling them over. And while Clay kept his cool, Maddie did not. The resulting altercation drove Clay to break up with her.

As for Zach, fans are wondering whether his heart is in the right place, especially given his decisions about Highway 65. "We like to keep you guessing about him," producer and writer Jesse Zwick said at the ATX Television Festival (via The Hollywood Reporter). "He's not a pure villain. He's a complicated character, and that will keep evolving."

"Nashville" season 5 airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. EDT on CMT.