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Natalie Grant Post Surgery Update: Singer Reveals Cancer on Right Thyroid (Video)

Natalie Grant Post Surgery Update: Singer Reveals Cancer on Right Thyroid (Video)

Natalie Grant sits in hospital bed after undergoing thyroid surgery, Oct 10, 2017. | (Photo: Facebook/NatalieGrant)

Gospel singer Natalie Grant, who is now home recovering from surgery, said her doctors confirmed that her thyroid nodules were cancerous.

"I wanted to let you know that we received the pathology report from the surgery that I had this past Tuesday ... The pathology results have revealed that it was, in fact, papillary thyroid cancer," Grant said in a Facebook Live video on Monday.

"I had two cancerous nodules inside that right lobe, but pathology has also revealed that the cancer was completely contained within those nodules, so in other words, they got it all. The doctor's office actually said, 'Congratulations you have no more cancer inside of your body.'"

The "Clean" singer said the news immediately brought her to tears at the thought that she actually had cancer in her body.

"It's literally like the cancer was stopped dead in its tracks, fully encapsulated inside of those nodules, not a branch out, no growth. They tested the surrounding tissue and neighboring lymph-node, all of which showed no sign of cancer or cancerous cells," Grant explained. "All of the tissue was completely clean. So when they took out that right lobe they took out the cancer, Hallelujah! This is absolutely the best possible outcome."

The award-winning singer also thanked her supporters. "Your faith has strengthened my faith, and I am eternally grateful."

Grant first announced her surgery last month on Facebook, stating that she would have a thyroid operation on Oct. 10. She noted that because of the procedure, she'll be canceling her shows and special appearances from mid-October through the end of November to focus on her recovery.

Although she was afraid that the procedure might affect her singing voice she also happily reported that nothing in her vocal chords was affected.

"After several weeks of therapy and vocal rest I should make a full recovery and be back at it," she concluded in the new video update.

Grant first found out she had tumors on her thyroid three years ago, but up until recently, the doctors told her it was nothing to be concerned about.

Her "Celebrate Christmas" tour with Danny Gokey is still planned to launch on Nov. 30 and the Nashville native said she's looking forward to performing on the 12-city tour.

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