Natalie Grant's 'Hurricane' to Release New Single Each Tuesday Leading to Album

Natalie Grant's record label, Curb, will be releasing a new single every Tuesday until her newest album Hurricane comes out. The first single was released Tuesday.

Fans can get the exclusively on iTunes only tracks for an early preview of the Oct. 15 project.

The three tracks in the iTunes promotion include "For All Of Us" (Tuesday, 9/24), "Burn Bright" (Tuesday, 10/01) and "Closer To Your Heart" (Tuesday, 10/08).

The deluxe album version of Hurricane is now available for pre-order on iTunes at

The album's lead single, "Hurricane," was number one on iTunes in just a few hours, and became the fastest rising single of her career on the charts.

Hurricane is made up of songs that explain and go through the emotions of real storms in Grant's life.

"I really felt like a Hurricane was going on in our lives these past few years, and I wrote the songs on the album from the perspective that there is always a better day coming," Grant said. "Along the way, I rediscovered myself, my art, and my faith and feel as a result, that I can honestly help others find the same."

Natalie Grant will be narrating and executive producing the film, "Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom." The film is seeking to raise awareness for the thousands of women and children who are forced into the commercial sex trade each year in the U.S.

Abolition International is supporting the cause with campaigns involving the documentary film, compilation worship album, and a 31 day devotional and group study guide coming in 2014.

"Most Americans are completely oblivious to the fact that thousands of women and children are enslaved within their own communities," said David Trotter, co-executive producer, in a press release. "This isn't limited to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York. We're talking about cities across America - from Sacramento to Dallas to Tampa - where the unthinkable is happening."

Organizers are looking to raise $75,000 through tax-deductible donations via Indiegogo.