Nate Robinson Encourages Fellow Player with Godly Words

Nate Robinson, the Golden State Warriors’ point guard, encouraged the Houston Rockets’ Terrence Williams with godly inspiration via Twitter recently.

Robinson, who jumped from the Knicks to the Celtics, Thunder and Warriors, encouraged Williams, who has publicly expressed disappointment in not playing in the starting lineup for his team recently.

“All you can do is smile,” the Rockets’ forward tweeted after sitting on the bench during Wednesday’s game. “You can’t control what others do. You can only control what you do. Do my job like I’ve been doing. I’ve been great. I don’t know what’s going on.”

Robinson decided to take to the social network to offer his league mate divine inspiration.

“Just stay ready bro God will bless you, trust me,” Robinson told Williams in the Twitter exchange. “I play the way I do because God blessed me and I represent for those who get looked over.”

The Wizards’ guard encouraged Williams to remain faithful during his frustrating time.

"Kill them with kindness bro it works every time,” Robinson tweeted. “Have faith believe in your self and God. Let him guide you, never can you go wrong."

Lately, Robinson’s tweets seem to be divinely inspired. After a big win against the Miami Heat recently, the point guard gave thanks to God.

“Glory to God thanks for this game. Warriors needed this win God knows we did,” he tweeted. “Great win tonight gotta keep building and moving forward.”

Although rumors of issues with the point guard on other teams surfaced in the past, including a highly publicized physical altercation against Denver Nuggets’ J.R. Smith, his current coach Mark Jackson is singing his praises.

“Thank God for second chances," Jackson said of Robinson. "Just like everybody else in my locker room, whatever folks say about him I haven't seen it. He's been great in the locker room, great on the plane, great on the bus and spectacular on the court."