National Grouch Day Celebrated Today

Most calendar days have a little-known, unusual holiday attached to it, and Oct. 15 is among those- it marks National Grouch Day.

While it sounds like a negative celebration of foul moods, the holiday actually points out the benefits of the occasional grouchy mood all while honoring the famed "Sesame Street" character Oscar the Grouch.

Each year on Oct. 15, National Grouch Day allows grumpy people to wallow in their pessimism whether it be complaining or, like Oscar the Grouch, telling people to "scram!"

In expressing their grouchiness, grumps can be relieved of their bad mood, or rest easy knowing they are being true to themselves.

Because of Oscar the Grouch, children learn about grouchiness from a very young age and adore Sesame Street's favorite grouch. The national icon tells them what's wrong with the world and how to complain, rather loudly at that.

On Twitter, both grouchy and happy people are celebrating National Grouch Day, including Ellen DeGeneres.

"It's National Grouch Day," posted the television personality. "I'm sick of all these ridiculous national days. I'm not participating in this one. Nobody can tell me I can't."

Ryan wrote, "Hey jerks, it's National Grouch Day in case you even care. Whatever."

"Today is National Grouch Day which both of my teenagers will be participating in," wrote Mommy P.

Meanwhile, Oct. 15 also marks National I Love Lucy Day, National Mushroom Day, and National Roast Pheasant.

National Grouch Day is along the same lines as Do A Grouch A Favor Day celebrated on Feb. 16 each year. The holiday is dedicated to doing food for those who may be down on their luck, impatient, or downright grumpy.

Furthermore, in Britain, the issue of anger is addressed with National Anger Awareness Week in December. According to the British Association of Anger Management, the week "is all about learning to take control of your behavior. Everyone feels angry at some time; what matters is how you express that anger."