National Ministry Launches 'Sleeping Giant' Movement to Re-Engage Christian Men

A national men's ministry led by author and pastor Kenny Luck is expanding an ongoing campaign in hopes of re-engaging Christian men within the church and helping them lead spiritually healthy lives. The "Sleeping Giant" movement is aimed at fulfilling God's plan for men to become strong leaders in their families, communities, and the world.

"Men's Ministry has been waiting 20 years for this. Every Man Ministries and Sleeping Giant are providing the flame for the next generation of leadership to ignite a new movement of men within the local church," said Randy Phillips, former president of Promise Keepers and currently the men's pastor at Life Church Austin.

"Kenny Luck has produced a transferable and proven model which is easily accessible and affordable for every church. The Sleeping Giant Total Solution is going to expand the capacity of the local church to reach and develop its men in a strategic and revolutionary way not seen before because it is uniquely built to drive the vision of the senior pastor," Phillips said.

Luck, who is the men's pastor at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif., has also launched the "definitive website destination for Christian men," according to Every Man Ministries.

The "Sleeping Giant" movement was started because of the belief that men's ministry in the church has been "broken for years," said Luck.

"This has left men themselves unengaged and unfulfilled. It has left a church body suffering from absentee men or those involved in merely token attendance," the ministry stated. "Ultimately, the missing men of God have left a deep hole in culture around the world. With the emergence of the Sleeping Giant Total Solution, we are now watching the global evolution of Men's Ministry which has been dormant for too long. Thankfully, once again, Men's Ministry is becoming culturally visible."

The ministry's website,, is designed to trigger "a grassroots movement from within that equips the local church to use modern technology to create a spiritual phenomenon: Strong and healthy Men of God activated to enforce the vision of their senior pastor to literally change their families, their communities and the world."

Individual men, men's gatherings, and churches can pick from various series in the website's Media Vault and watch how God's men transform society's broken male culture, or follow Luck's live weekly video messages.

"We wanted to deliver a proven solution that was ahead of the curve, easy to deploy, and consistent with the digital delivery habits that exist today. That meant creating a verified, easy-to-use, and fully supported strategic pathway that will produce leaders for senior pastors and save money at the same time," Luck said.

"It's ESPN meets iTunes, meets Netflix, meets YouTube for men and churches seeking spiritual health. We can now scale a worldwide church-to-church men's movement one local church at a time through this site. The process is so flexible it allows for the integration of content from other pastors and leading authorities into the Sleeping Giant model to help men."

EMM states that the process for the movement has been documented and outlined in Luck's book on men's ministry, SLEEPING GIANT: No Movement of God without Men of God, published by Lifeway Church Resources and B&H Publishing. Luck and SLEEPING GIANT are also the cornerstone of men's ministry resources provided by Lifeway and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Earlier this year, Luck told The Christian Post that despite the fact that millions of Christian men are members of local churches, many are looking outside the Christian community for their purpose in life.

"It's time for the church to address that 800-pound gorilla in the room," he said. "There's 2.1 billion Christians in the world, over three quarters of them being Christian men, but where are they? The majority of them are finding significance outside the church. They are not finding their purpose or significance inside the church.

"So, we have men that are affiliated, but not activated. It's a very hard truth for the church to swallow, but it's truth that the church needs to act on and reflect on," he said. "The church is missing out on all that power and potential for the local mission around the world."

To celebrate the launch of its new website, Every Man Ministries is giving away a free video session to anyone interested in being part of the new movement of men. For a limited time, men and men's leaders can claim their free video by going to and following the simple instructions.