National Puppy Day Celebrated Today

Annual National Puppy Day is being celebrated and observed Friday across America in order to boost public awareness of animal cruelty.

Many dog-owners and puppy lovers alike are celebrating the holiday on March 23rd by treating their dogs to extra long walks and treats today. On the official website for National Puppy Day, it is a day to honor "the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives."

In 2006, pet lifestyle expert, animal behaviorist and author Colleen Paige started National Puppy Day as a part of her "Animal Miracle Foundation & Network." The non-profit organization offers provides financial support to programs such pet fire safety and pet cancer.

Similar to National Puppy Day, AMF also hosts National Dog Day, National Cat Day, and Kids & Pets Day, among others, in hopes to boost the prevention of animal cruelty.

Additionally, the annual event encourages people to adopt puppies as well as spread awareness of "puppy mills" where dogs are kept in inhumane and unsafe conditions.

AMF and National Puppy Day strive to make the U.S. a place of puppy-free pet stores, and high recommends those considering adding a pet to their family to go to shelters.

National Puppy Day also encourages people to seek canine companions, and for those searching to look beyond purebred dogs. The holiday is against "breeding bans," where certain species are killed or unloved based on their breeding background.

On Twitter, the event has users sharing how they are celebrating National Puppy Day. Many users are also including pictures of their pets as puppies on the social media site.

"Happy National Puppy Day," posted Shar. "Here's a pic of my dog Hasboro when he was a pup."

The Daily Puppy wrote, "Happy National Puppy Day! RT to show your support to ban puppy mills & Save Shelter Dogs starting today."

Twitter user Bridget reacted to National Puppy Day by writing, "Aww!! That's awesome! How did I not already know this?"

"Happy National Puppy Day! Always Adopt - Never Buy," wrote Michelle, who attached a picture of her puppy named Tyson.

Anti-Cruelty Society posted a photo of their rescue dog who had just delivered puppies. The included the message, "Rita and her puppies are all doing well. Celebrate the day by giving a puppy a home."