National Tequila Day 2013 Today, Twitter Celebrates

National Tequila Day is here and many people are combating the summer heat with cool drinks containing the unique liquor.

Made from the blue agave plant, tequila is native to the town of Tequila, Mexico, which lies north of Guadalajara.

One of the most popular ways to use tequila is in the famed margarita drink. In fact, the margarita has its own holiday on Feb. 22, each year being National Margarita Day.

Although the margarita does not always involve tequila, the refreshing drink incorporates lime, sugar, and salt and can be served frozen or "on the rocks" – over ice.

In addition to the margarita, popular tequila drinks also include the Fuego Verde, which sees jalapeno peppers and the Paloma that blends grapefruit juice and soda with a bit of lime.

Tequila is not just used in drinks- some cooking recipes call for the distilled liquor, such as a chicken marinade and the sweet treat Tequila-Flamed mangoes, among many others.

Some tequila brands boast a hefty price tag, such as The Herradura Reserva 2012 – Port Cask Finish, which costs $90. The special tequila is aged for 11 months in two different oak casks, according to Fox News.

Then, at an even more impressive price of $350, Partida Tequila Elegante touts elements of blue agave grown as the base of a volcano and aged for 36 to 40 months in casks that previously contained Jack Daniels whiskey.

National Tequila Day has seen a lot of celebration via Twitter on Wednesday with many users sharing their excitement over the holiday.

"Today is national tequila day," started Twitter user Dylan. "Time to have a fiesta!"

Christopher posted, "Hmmm, it is National Tequila Day and National Ice Cream Month, that should make some great combos!"

Furthermore, celebrations are extended to many eateries that are offering special deals on National Tequila Day, including the Mexican food restaurant chain Chevys.

"$2 OFF our margs today for National Tequilas Day," the restaurant advertised on Wednesday.

Celebrities are also celebrating National Tequila Day including George Clooney, who even has his very own brand of the liquor.

Casamigos Tequila, the brand founded by Clooney and Rande Gerber, the husband of supermodel Cindy Crawford, has partnered with beverage retailer BevMo for a Twitter party in celebration on Wednesday.

To participate, follow @BevMo and @Casamigos and join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #NationalTequilaDay.