National Vanilla Milkshake Day Today

Wednesday has arrived marking National Vanilla Milkshake Day and people everywhere are celebrating.

The event arrives on the first official day of summer and what appears to be a heat wave that is sweeping the nation. The cold creamy drink is sure to be the perfect solution to the hot summer day.

Made with vanilla ice cream, pure vanilla extract, and milk, the vanilla milkshake has remained a staple in many restaurants for decades, including at fast food restaurants such as McDonald's.

The beverage is believed to have been created by a Walgreen's employee in Chicago in 1922 when he added two scoops of ice cream to a drink called malted milk.

The recipe quickly became very popular, and with so few ingredients, many chefs urge those making vanilla milkshakes to use high quality ice cream. Well made ice cream results in a thicker shake that is less watered down or icy.

For a healthier version of the vanilla milkshake, add fruit such as banana or berries with low-fat milk and ice cream.

Also, the beverage can be made with milk-based alcoholic beverages such as Kahlua or Bailey's.

On Twitter, users are posting their plans for celebrating National Vanilla Milkshake Day.

Celebrity Chef Paula Deen posted, "Since it's Vanilla Ice Cream Day, I don't mind if I do!"

"Sounds delicious," wrote Joe, while Dayton Meals posted, "Great day for it!"

Candace added, "Today is National Vanilla Milkshake Day. That's perfect timing since it will feel like 100-105 degrees here in #Baltimore."

"Why is a vanilla milkshake not in my hand," asked Twitter user Krissy.

The first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere officially begins at 7:09 p.m. EST, marking the summer solstice where the sun reaches the farthest point north of the equator.

As part of celebrating this year's summer solstice and National Vanilla Milkshake Day, Rita's regular-sized Italian Ices are being sold for $2 all day long on Wednesday.

Additionally Sonic is offering customers half off all Sonic Shakes today.

June 20 also marks the 37th anniversary of the hit film "Jaws," as well as National Daylight Appreciation Day.