'Natwivity' Presents First-Person Christmas Story to Twitter Users

LONDON – Christians and fans of the Christmas season will be able to see the Nativity story unfold on Twitter starting Dec. 1.

Throughout Advent, Twitter users will be able to follow "Natwivity" and witness different figures from the world's most famous story bash out 140-character updates each day.

The characters will include Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, the three wise and King Herod.

The goal of the project, organized by design company Share Creative and the U.K.-based Evangelical Alliance, is to bring the 2,000-year-old story to social media platforms.

Organizers hope Twitter users will get a fresh insight into the thoughts and feelings of Bible characters – from Mary's experience of riding a donkey through the night to the awe of the shepherds when they met their angelic host.

Huw Tyler, of Share Creative, says: "We want to tell the Christmas story, an amazingly exciting story in a way that is not only accessible, but is fun and relevant to today's internet generation."

Daily accounts from the Natwivity characters can be read by logging onto www.twitter.com/natwivity or by visiting the project's Facebook page at www.facebook.com/natwivity.

The play will be suitable for people of all ages and begins on Dec. 1. It will run up until Christmas Day.