Naya Rivera Pole Dancing Video Stirs Controversy

One of the stars of the hit television show "Glee" has been revealed as featuring in a pole dancing video, which has led some to questioning her wholesome image portrayed in the TV show.

Naya Rivera, who plays the openly gay Santana Lopez on Fox's "Glee" participated in an amateur pole dancing competition on a television series called "Wide World Of Spike" in 2007 on the Spike television network.

The video comes to light as the television star's popularity is rapidly growing after she got one of the leading roles on the drama series which follows several narratives of a high school glee club.

The video was posted on the entertainment website of Perez Hilton and showed the now 25-year-old wearing a skimpy outfit and holding an apple. The announcer describes Rivera as a "straight 'A' student" as she walks on stage in a short mini skirt and high heels.

Fans had mixed reactions to the video who for the most part respected the work she has done on "Glee."

One fan named Sara wrote in response to the video being posted: "As much as I don't like behavior like that, I LOVE Naya, so talented and beautiful, so she can do whatever she likes and i'll still love her ;)."

Rivera is from southern California and started her acting and modeling career at a young age. Before she was even a year old the same manager that had represented her mother, who was a model, was hired to represent her.

Before the actress made a name for herself on "Glee" she had several small roles on other very popular and successful television series.

Early in her acting career she made appearances on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "Family Matters," "Live Shot," "Baywatch," "Smart Guy," "The Jersey," and "The Master of Disguise."