'NBA 2K12' Legends Showcase DLC Adds Noteworthy Roster (VIDEO)

Upcoming downloadable content and legends roster were recently unveiled by 2k Games for its latest video game, “NBA 2K12.”

This separate game mode will allow gamers to play with 160 NBA legends.

This new downloadable content, known as DLC, also features cel-shaded showdowns in New York's Times Square, an art technique where outlines of the characters have black lines with a cartoon-like style.

Mini games, such as “21,” feature more traditional 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 game play. Classic Quick Matches can be played online with legendary teams in a regular simulation setting.

Previously unannounced players are a part of the already deep roster of players for the Legends Showcase.

A list of some of the noteworthy players appear below:

George Mikan (1951 Lakers)
Jamaal Wilkes (1981 Lakers)
Reggie Lewis (1993 Celtics)
Jalen Rose (2001 Pacers)
Mark Eaton (1985 Jazz)
Rick Barry (1975 Warriors)
Alex English (1983 Nuggets)
Bob Cousy (1957 Celtics)
Dale Ellis (1989 Sonics)
Kenny Walker (1989 Knicks)

The Legends Showcase will arrive on PSN for $9.99 and XBLA for 800 Microsoft Points.

"Online shortcomings and the lack of including last year’s rookie class on the rosters until the lockout lifts aside (thanks for that dumb rule, NBA), you won’t find a better franchise mode, single-player mode, historical mode, or presentation package anywhere else,” wrote Matt Bertz of Game Informer in a review of the game:

"NBA 2K12 isn’t just the best basketball game; it’s the most complete sports sim I’ve ever played. This is the new benchmark,” Bertz added.

The video below features screenshots of the new downloadable content: