NBA 2K14 'Next-Gen Momentous Trailer' is a Celebration of Graphics and Amazing Game Highlights (VIDEO)

(PHOTO: Youtube)NBA 2K14 trailer shot.

NBA 2K14 is now officially out for both next-gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One, and so far the game has been praised for its astounding gameplay and graphics. 2K Sports has released an official video to celebrate titled, "Next-Gen Momentous Trailer."

"Step into the world of next-gen NBA 2K14 with this brand new Momentous trailer. The best basketball sim available has arrived," the trailer description reads.

The trailer matches their celebration by showing a number of the players making buckets and doing a little celebration of their own as rapper Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" is playing.

Watch the trailer below:

NBA 2K14's coolest feature is NBA Today, an upgraded real time feature that connects the gamer with the NBA to create an almost realistic game playing experience. The game's real world integration of scores in the game will reflect what has happened in real life. While the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game update stats, scores, and ratings daily, the next-gen versions will update as it occurs.

"[NBA Today] is a feature we put out there a little silently for our current generation of the game to kind of test it out and tune it before the next-gen one comes out," Erick Boenisch, Visual Concepts and 2K Sports senior producer, told Polygon. "In the [current edition of NBA 2K14], it's like 'Hey, the Lakers played last night. They lost 115 to 114. Kobe had a pretty good game.'"

"In this one, it's going to be like 'They lost on a last second shot. Kobe missed it but he shot 14 for 28. He had 31 points. Got in foul trouble late in the game.' And that's the kind of detail that you don't get from the old system," he continued.

The feature is revolutionary and will be an integral part of all the games that will come out along the line.

NBA 2K14 was released on Oct. 1 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It arrived for the PS4 on November 15, and the Xbox One on the 22nd.