NBA 2K14 Patch Brings Looney Tunes Characters to Game

A new "Space Jam" mod for the PC version of NBA 2K14 brings the Looney Tunes characters from the movie into the game.

The mod was created by NBA 2K series modder MGX who also goes by the name MkEliteWorksX and allows players to use Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Sylvester, Lola Bunny, and Michael Jordan against the evil Monstars. The mod also includes Bill Murray's character, according to MGX's Facebook.

The characters look a bit different in the mod from how they appear in the movie and on TV. The developer basically used the bodies of the players in the game and placed the heads of the characters on them and adjusted their skin color to match it.

The Space Jam mod for NBA 2K14 can be downloaded through Mediafire. MGX has created similer mods for the game including ones that allow users to play as The Avengers, Teen Wolf, movie villains, Justice League and 2pac.

NBA 2K14 was recently crowned as the best selling sports title in the U.S. for next-gen consoles, the PS4 and Xbox One. The game outsold FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, and NBA Live 14, according to NPD data.

It was overall the top selling game on both consoles as well, and sixth best selling game when all console versions were added in, USA Today reports.

NBA 2K14 is outselling NBA 2K13 with just the next-gen versions of the game, which is a pleasant and surprising revelation for 2K Sports, they announced Friday.

"If you look at the current generation and the next-generation [of NBA 2K14] together, we've actually sold in more units combined than we did last year on just the current generation," said Karl Slatoff, Take-Two President, reports PlayStation Lifestyle. "So you hear a lot in the industry right now about the problems that developers are having in the transition period and the risk that are associated with transition, which are all very true. But in our specific situations, we only have one game right now for next-gen. We're not seeing that."