'NBA 2K17' Gameplay Director Polls Fans About Shooting Update

(Photo: Facebook/NBA2K)Promo image for "NBA 2K17" on their official Facebook page.

"NBA 2K17" has made changes to its shooting algorithm, and fans and players of the game are having conflicting opinions on the new tweaks that changed the shooting dynamics. The 2K Sports gameplay director took to social media to poll users — literally, with an actual poll — for input on future changes going forward.

2K Sports Director for Gameplay Mike Wang took to Twitter to discuss the recent changes to the shooting mechanics of "NBA 2K17." Getting "a lot of mixed feedback" could be what prompted Wang to pin down the overall consensus of "NBA 2K17" players with several Twitter voting polls.

At the moment, the poll has 53 percent of respondents saying that the new shooting is "Too hard," leading the poll over "Just right" with 36 percent. Players saying the update has made things "Too easy" comprise just 11 percent of the responses. Wang followed up with what could be a controversial question about shooters and non-shooters. The question, and the choices, were pretty straightforward, asking if shooting-oriented players should have an advantage over non-shooting builds.

This time, the responses are a bit closer, with majority answering "Yes" at 55 percent, with "No" at just 45 percent. In a question that could be related to his first poll, Wang tries to quantify what "Too Easy" or "Too Hard" meant by asking how the game should reward a great shooter played by a player with great timing.

The results are currently a big majority for ">80%", with 54 percent of respondents feeling that such cases should result in a bucket more than eight times out of ten. For his last poll of the day, Wang proposed some options to encourage shooters to look for open shots. Again, a sizable majority agreed, with 48 percent giving "Bump up open shot %" a thumbs up, and 35 percent voting for "Both" option, agreeing to a "Drop contested %" tweak as well.