'NBA 2K17' Update 1.11 for PS4, Xbox One: Addresses Matchmaking Issues in Both

2K Sports recently released a new update for "NBA 2K17," set to fix specific glitches that some Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers have been complaining about. Patch 1.11 is reportedly the company's answer to the matchmaking issues plaguing the popular basketball simulation video game.

Facebook/NBA2KThe new patch for "NBA 2K17" is now available.

Although no official patch notes have been released yet, 2K Sports explained in an official tweet what it is meant to do. The update is about 7GB in size, and it is also supposed to increase the "online stability" of a number of modes such as MyPark and MyTeam.

The patch 1.11 comes in the heels of several updates the past weeks. Because of the large memory needed for the update, many players cannot help but complain. However, 2K Sports maintained that the patches are accumulative. The website notes, though, that even after the patch, the annoying loading screen bugs still have not been fixed.

Meanwhile, some gamers are reportedly commenting that the last patch made still did not address the accessibility issues with the All-Star tournament. The update is supposed to fix glitches in preparation for the All-Star weekend happening in New Orleans. Some of the upgrades included changes in the All-Star rosters, jersey and even the official court. Park After Dark, complete with the latest music in the MyPark playground, was also reintroduced.

The Dec. 30 return of Park After Dark was met with lukewarm response from the players. There had been lag issues and some of the gamers could not re-enter the mode after exiting. According to MS Power User, some of the players complained that they are still unable to play for extended periods even after the last update. Others claim they cannot access the games or are being kicked out in random.

Ever since its release in September last year, "NBA 2K17" have received generally positive reviews from critics. It is currently available on the PlayStation, PlayStation 3 and 4, Xbox, Xbox One and 360, Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.