NBA Finals Heat vs. Spurs Game 7: Dwyane Wade and Lebron James Show Extreme Sportsmanship (VIDEO)

The Miami Heat are the NBA champions after a long fought battle with the San Antonio Spurs, but instead of going wild with celebration, Miami stars ran over to embrace and share words with the Spurs players.

As Heat guard Dwyane Wade jumped up and down in exuberance, he looked over to his left at the Spurs and stopped jumping. He then almost solemnly ran over to Spurs big-man and future Hall of Famer, Tim Duncan. Wade stopped him from walking off the court with a hug and a pat before making his way to embrace Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard, and Danny Green and then the rest of the team.

Wade has this to say on Duncan.

"I mean Tim Duncan is one of the greatest players of all-time. He had a h-ll of a series," he said live in an on court post game interview. "If I'm able to do what Tim Duncan did at 37-years-old I'll be happy. That guys is a warrior, and I just wanted to pay my respects to one of the game's greats."

Lebron James was exactly the same, and in fact, did not even seem to celebrate as he immediately walked over to the Spurs players to shake hands. He then went to Spurs coach Greg Popovich to hug and share a few words.

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra made a bee-line to Popovich as well, as the two smiled and shook hands. It was a great example of a mantle passing from an all-time great coach, down to a future great.

The Miami Heat may be despised by a lot of the basketball world, but on the court their dominance was followed by extreme humility and humbleness. The Spurs are a team made of older veterans, while the Heat are the next dynasty-type franchise, it was a fitting end for two teams who were almost identically matched pound for pound in the series.