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'NBA Live 18' Release Date: EA Sports to Launch Title on Sept. 15

'NBA Live 18' Release Date: EA Sports to Launch Title on Sept. 15

Electronic Arts revealed new details of the highly anticipated basketball video game "NBA Live 18." The upcoming installment comes with RPG mechanics than most sports games.

"NBA Live 18" to launch this Sept. 15 on PS4 and Xbox One consoles | Facebook/EASPORTSNBA

A few lucky gamers were able to test a demo version of "NBA Live 18" during a preview event last week. Although it is too early to come to a conclusion about the title, many are hopeful that it will fare well.

Although it does not come up to par to "NBA 2K," Polygon describes the title as "reasonable, understandable, and very playable." The forthcoming game now centers on a career mode.

In terms of gameplay, the career mode is heavy on role-playing and shooters. Gamers are offered a variety of customization options for the characters in the game.

The best new gameplay, however, is the defense system, which, according to Polygon, ultimately makes defense fun and understandable.

"It's mapped after, basically, a fighting game," the franchise's senior producer Mike Mahar said of the defense system. "If I go left and you go left, you'll bump me. But if I go left, you go left, and I quickly cross over and you still go left, I might get an ankle-breaker."

During the demo, players were also given access to an NBA Finals rematch between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers. And in a campaign called The Rise, which is a prologue to The One, the progress that players make will be transferred to the full game once it launches. Limited-time events are also taking place in which gamers can win special rewards, characters, and so forth.

EA Sports announced that "NBA Live" 18 will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles starting on Sept. 15. The developers are offering pre-orders for the said title. Gamers who do are entitled to a 33 percent discount, bringing its price down to $40.

More updates on "NBA Live 18" should follow.


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