NBA Lockout: Family Pet Fills Void; Cat Plays Basketball (VIDEO)

Cats play basketball? With the absence of basketball and the entire NBA season on the verge of being canceled, one man has taken drastic measures – using his cat for a little "one-on-one."


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Youtube user, TheRobcis, posted a video on Oct. 16 that already has over 400,000 views.

The video shows cat appearing to play defense against a person dribbling a basketball. The cat follows the ball perfectly with its hands, head, and eyes looking like a lock down NBA defender like Ron Artist, or Metta World Peace as he is now known.

The caption of the video read as follows, "NBA LockOUT..? NOT in my house! Here is my nephew and of course my adorable cat playing some quality basketball in order to fill in the NBA gap in my life; perhaps in your life."

The video has garnered many comments.

User PSNxSTL10 commented on the post and said, "Already a better defender than Steve Nash."

monkeyboy814 said, "This is going to have 2 million views in the morning."

The video can be viewed below: