NBA Lockout: Marc Gasol Joins Brother Pau Gasol in Spain

As the NBA lockout looms, Marc Gasol is wasting no time in making preparations in case the season fizzles out. Marc begins practicing with a Spanish basketball team on Wednesday.

Marc and Pau Gasol are natives of Barcelona, Spain. They both started their basketball careers with Barcelona.

Joining his brother LA Lakers forward Pau Gasol, the Memphis Grizzlies star will have the opportunity to stay in top shape while practicing with Spanish club Barca.

Barca announced that Marc “can play with the team as long as the NBA lockout persists.”

Meanwhile Pau Gasols told Catalan radio RAC1 that "Barca would be my first option to consider" playing for if the NBA season is canceled this year.

Marc Gasol drafted into the NBA in 2007 averaged 11.5 points as a starter in the 2010-2011 season. He was beneficial in the Grizzlies upsetting the San Antonio Spurs last year during the first rounds of the playoff season.

The NBA lockout entered its third month of deliberations with no end in sight. Forty-three preseason games scheduled for October 9-15th were canceled last month. The regular season is supposed to begin on November 1st.

Serious talks are ahead this week in a last ditch effort by both sides to amend a deal in order to make sure the lockout doesn’t force any cancellations of regular season games.